Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Dust Devils

The Dust Devils, pictured above, had a good run in the short buy enjoyable Warmonger Necromunda Campaign I. They lost Torque, their leader, to flamer fire in the very first game, but actually benefited in the long run as his successor, Piston (Far left, rear) took over and led the gang on several successful missions.

Highlights in the group above: you'll notice the heavy stubber heavy in the center rear row, the nomad long rifle (range 48, str4) in the rear row, and the center front guy, Camshaft, whose horrible scars, incurred in another flamer incident, are faintly visible.

The double-bladed knife, which counts as a sword in Necromunda rules, turned out to be a really good hand-to-hand weapon, and I had pretty much given up using knives by the end of the campaign. Overall the ash nomads are a good gang, their lack of access to flamers balanced out by their worse-than-usual ammo rolls.

The biggest advantage of playing the Dust Devils first as a Necromunda gang, though, is that it gave me the chance to work out the specifics of the color scheme and the modeling obstacles surrounding these models. By the end of the campaign, I was finally ready to start painting up this gang as a fullsized IG army.

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