Thursday, June 3, 2010


So after taking a couple years out to play a mech marine army, and now that the current IG codex is actually competitive and fun, I have the summer to work on getting the Dust Devils together again.

Phase 1 is making a viable 1500 point army for the Game Castle summer league. I know I want devil dogs, and I know I want to use existing models that I have (a manticore, a couple of hydras, only 3 chimeras available), and I know I don't want to buy any valks. Using Stelek's principles of army building (and one of his lists as a basic template) here's version 1:

  • CCS, 3 meltaguns, in a chimera with hull heavy flamer
    (CCS gets meltaguns because of the BS4. Only three instead of four because of points--in the 1750+ version this is easily boosted to four.)
  • Infantry Platoon
    -PCS, 3 flamers in a chimera, hull heavy flamer
    -3 infantry squads, one with a commissar, sergeants with power weapons
    (The blob, or in non-KP missions they can grab/hold objectives, bubble-wrap, or die gloriously for the clan and to save the emperor's tanks)
    -2 Autocannon heavy weapon squads
  • Vet squad, 3 meltas, in a chimera
    (not happy with this choice, but I need a second troop)
  • Marbo
  • 5 stormtroopers w/ 2 plasma
    (I'd prefer melta, but plasma is the models I have. These guys will be swapped out most likely in later weeks for the second devil dog, once I get the model. But I will still feel the need for some infiltrators.)
  • Devil Dog, dozer blade, hull heavy flamer
  • Manticore, hull HF
  • 2 Hydras, hull HF
  • Basilisk, hull HF
1500 on the nose. So that's 6 regular autocannons, 4 hydra autocannons, 6 meltaguns and a melta-cannon, 3 flamers, a bunch of hull heavy flamers, earthshaker, stormeagle, and a couple of meltaguns. It seems like it should play as a phased army--shooting a lot in the early game, then maneuvering in the mid game, and holding or mopping up in the endgame. Should be fun.

Pictures coming soon.

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